SearchEye Keyword Usage Report

SearchEye gives you a universal view of keyword usage on your site.
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SearchEye is a powerful SEO tool that shows you exactly how you’re using keywords on your site. A SearchEye report quickly delivers an easy-to-understand view of keyword usage and suggests steps youcan take to optimize keywords across your site, improve visibility and help searchers find you more easily.

What SearchEye does for SEO

When search engines inspect your web pages, they’re looking for every clue they can find to determine what your content is about and who might want to read it. Fortunately, there are lots of ways you can help search engines to better understand your content – and increase your ranking on Search Engine Results Pages:

  1. Meta Descriptions act as an ad for your website and influence Click Through Rates (CTR) – a big factor in how your page will be ranked.
  2. Meta Keywords contain a list of 8-12 keywords that are relevant to your content.
  3. Title Tags describe for search engines and visitors what content they’ll see if they click on a link.
  4. Heading Tags help search engine spiders determine the subject matter on a page.
  5. Alt Text is a short description of an image that can drive traffic from image-based search engines.
  6. Keywords in copy help search engines evaluate the nature of your content.
  7. Links that connect to other pages help search engines understand the content on a website more easily. They also pass the SEO value of one page on to others.

Using keywords consistently across all of these important page elements helps to improve your rankings by signaling the intent of a page to search engines,. If you’re using a keyword in your body copy and meta description, for example, then you should also be using it in your title tags, heading tags, alt text and links.

SearchEye helps you quickly visualize how you’re using keywords in each element of your webpage and across your website. SearchEye reveals places where you can quickly make adjustments and add keywords to tags to help search engines – and users – see the value of your content more easily.